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Signs its time to change your Workout Routine

When you are into working out or other types of physical activity, what your body needs is an equal distribution covering all the dimensions of feeling well. Just attending a gym might not be sufficient. You have to fix a proper goal, build inner strength and focus on personal potential. So if your workout programmes are just increasing your stamina and muscle size, maybe it is time to take a closer look at the routine you are following and make required changes.

When changes are required

The human body tends to look for predictable routines which are easy to follow and remember. The body builds a state of homeostasis and will resist any changes. It reaches a state of complacency making further changes redundant. To avoid reaching such a plateau read the signals your body is throwing out to help you to benefit from your workouts.


If you are not looking forward to working out take a moment to discover why this is happening. You probably went whole hog to fix up such fitness training. If the training no longer excites you, chances are boredom is setting in. If boredom begins to affect the mind, it will also affect your energy levels.

Your workouts will lessen in intensity thus not producing the required results. If this is happening, you need to infuse new energy into your workouts. Instead of working out alone you could join a group class which will provide social support; or you could look at training for some specific sports event. Even just going in for different cardio exercises might help.

The workout is no longer challenging

When you work out it should always be with a sense of challenge – a feeling that you need to put in more effort and achieve better results.

Sometimes due to repetition or other personal reasons, workouts tend to lose such challenge. If this happens you will lose out both physically and mentally. Dan Clay of Online Fitness Profits say’s “one remedy would be to try out something new like using new fitness tools or trying out new moves from a fitness app”.

Enjoy the routine

You don’t need to be a fitness marketing expert to fill your locations with paying clients, just some good business sense. Since the outcome of any workout is mostly physical improvements, they should be something to look forward to. If you no longer experience a good feeling when reporting for physical training you need to make a few changes. You could take up a new challenge. Change the workout timings. Do not get stuck in a rut. Workouts should be something you can look forward to, otherwise you will not really make much progress. You can download online personal training programs at

Stop watching the clock!

Like it happens when you are involved in something you enjoy time just seems to fly. This should also be your experience when working out. So if you have been gazing continuously at the clock wondering when the hands will strike your departure time, you need to change course. As mentioned above boredom etc. could be responsible for this. So work on all negative aspects that are affecting your workouts and turn the picture around to reflect a positive and happy approach.